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Do you know how to choose new electric openers and garage doors? Check our question and answer list here

Is updating an old opener necessary?

If you want to enjoy better security and ease of use, you must turn to the modernized garage door openers that are currently available in the market. Our garage door professional in Roanoke recommends that you get an electric opener for your family’s safety and security.

How long have garage doors been in use?

The idea of garage doors has been around since the 450 BC when gatehouses stored chariots. In the United States, however, the first garage door with a float over mechanism was manufactured way back in 1902. The upward-lifting door, meanwhile, appeared in a catalog in 1906.

What do we mean when we talk about the door's travel limit?

The travel limit of the overhead door has to do with how far the door will go up and down. It has to do with its closing and opening position. These are adjustments made at the unit of the garage door opener by special UP and DOWN buttons or switches and it's important to be checked regularly.

What are the advantages of having a chain drive?

Chain drives are widely available as they have been in production for a long time now. This makes them very affordable and easy to find. They are very strong and reliable. For their value they offer great durability and will be suitable for almost all garage door types.

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