Garage Door Tune Up and Maintenance

Garage Door Tune Up and Maintenance

Garage door maintenance in RoanokeEach garage door requires tune up and maintenance in order to stay in good condition and operate effectively and safely. Care must be provided on a regular basis, usually twice a year. Sometimes, this has to be done more often. This is the case when the system is exposed to extreme weather conditions or is more extensively used.

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There are several different tasks involved in the garage door tune up and maintenance process. All moving parts and panels are thoroughly inspected. The same applies to the opener and the accessories which come with it. The opener and the spring are tested. If necessary, adjustments of the opener's travel limits and force and of the spring's tension are made. Cleaning of the garage door panels and hardware is also required. The photo eyes of the garage door opener sensors and the remote control may need cleaning as well. Lubrication maintenance is provided to the moving metal parts.

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